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There are few more gorgeous and eye-catching pieces of furniture than custom made wooden tables. Strong, sturdy, and showcasing style and elegance, these tables show just what we miss when we purchase mass-produced furniture made from sub-par materials.

At HomerMade we are passionate about providing our customers with top-quality furniture made from the finest new and recycled materials, and our custom wood tables are no exception.

We can craft side and entrance wooden tables from reclaimed Merbau, with our customers able to select the overall style, size, material, and finish of the final piece.

So get in touch with us today and find the perfect table to complete any room in your home.


Stunning Handmade Wood Tables for Your Home

Here at HomerMade we’re a family owned and operated business. That means that our customers can always be certain they will receive a personalised and friendly service as we work to deliver a handmade wooden table made to their exact specifications.

Our tables all have a rustic yet stylish look because we make sure never to use cheap or low-quality materials at any point. Each piece of lovingly crafted and refined wood sits on metal hairpin legs about 40cm high, giving the overall piece a sleek yet well-built look. These tables are all one of a kind, meaning our customers can be sure they’re investing in an individual statement of style and design.


Stylish and Versatile Custom Made Side Tables

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegant flair to your home, or are trying to find a final piece of furniture to bring the design of a room together, you can count on HomerMade to create it for you.

Our custom made side tables are as functional as they are beautiful, and will impress any friends or family you invite over. The hairpin legs are available in either white or black, and the option of a matte or gloss finish means that customers can find a table that is crafted to perfectly suit the existing look of their home.


Contact Us to Learn More About Our Custom Made Tables

HomerMade customers can have their new entrance or side table shipping across Australia, making it easier than ever to find the right collection of personalised furniture to fill out their home.

Can’t seem to find what you're after, or would like to enquire about our custom made tables? Then simply email us at today to discuss your needs.

Please note: The tables pictured are similar to the finished product. Because we work with premium recycled Merbau some grains and colours may vary.