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Hallway Tables for Sale

Have you been trying to find that right piece of furniture to liven up your hallway? It can be harder than you might think, as you need to find something that not only looks right, but will be a functional and stylish addition to your home.

At HomerMade we are proud to be a go-to name for sleek and durable hallway tables for sale, with pieces that are sure to be a conversation starter when you invite friends and family over. Our hallway tables are available in two standard lengths, but customers are encouraged to get in touch with us if they’re in the market for a custom length.


Custom Console Table Made From Quality Materials

A custom console table is an excellent way to round out the look of a room, and serves as the perfect platform to display everything from arty knick knacks to family photos.

At HomerMade we create stylish yet sleek console tables for our customers, tailoring each piece to suit their individual tastes and specifications. Our custom console tables are fitted onto either hairpin, steel hooped or x-style legs that are around 75cm high, and can be delivered with either a white, black, or raw finish.


Handmade Console Tables for Your Home

Each of our handmade console tables is a one of a kind piece, expertly crafted to meet the design needs of each customer from recycled Messmate.

At HomerMade we know how frustrating it is to invest in a piece of furniture that seems solid, only to have it fall apart in a few years because it was mass-produced from sub-par materials. That is why we are careful to only use the best recycled timber we can find, with the character and personality of the wood also helping to give the final piece a more interesting and dynamic look.

Each piece is around 30-35cm wide meaning they’ll be an easy fit in any hallway, but we’re always happy to create custom cuts for our customers.


The Name to Remember for All Hallway Tables for Sale

Here at HomerMade we’re a family owned and operated company, and know the value of providing customers with a personalised and dependable service.

We want each of our customers to be proud of their new furniture purchase, and feel a sense of satisfaction every time they walk past it in their home.

We do encourage customers to get in touch with us to confirm the exact look of their new hallway table, as using recycled timber means there is often a mixed bag of different styles and grains.

Can’t seem to find what you're after, or want to chat to us about our hallway tables for sale or our Australia-wide shipping? Then make sure you email us at today to discuss your needs.