Chopping Board


Handmade Chopping Boards

A chopping board is one of the hardest working pieces in any kitchen, so you want to be sure it is built to last.

At HomerMade we provide high-quality and handmade chopping boards to our customers, leaving them with a gorgeous and functional new addition for their kitchen set-up that will last a lifetime. Customers can choose the overall design of their new chopping board, and have the final say on the style, materials, and finish of the piece.

Our boards come in two sizes; 50cm x 30cm x 3.5cm, and 80cm x 30cm x 3.5cm, meaning you can find a new chopping board to fit your kitchen.


Top-Quality Chopping Boards for Sale

At HomerMade we believe that pieces of furniture or homewares throughout your property don’t just have to be functional at the expense of interesting and eye-catching designs or styles.

We take that approach when it comes to crafting each and every one of our products, with our chopping boards being no exception.

Our customers can select from recycled and imported timber such as U.S. Walnut and Purpleheart, as well as gorgeous Victorian Ash, to give their chopping board a personality and style that you just won’t find with mass-produced products. You can add a statement of hand-crafted style to your kitchen, or find something that is perfect for a special gift. 

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The Name to Remember for Handmade Chopping Boards

HomerMade is a family owned and operated company, so you can always be sure you’ll be speaking one-on-one with the person building your new handmade chopping board.

You’ll be able to see the results of this personalised and professional service in the final product, with each of our chopping boards designed and crafted to suit the needs of our customers.

Whether you want a durable yet beautiful new board to complete your kitchen, or a unique piece with bevelled cuts that will impress at your next dinner party, you can’t go wrong with HomerMade.


Contact Us for More Information on Our Chopping Boards for Sale

At HomerMade we use only the very best in new and recycled timber, ensuring that each chopping board we have for sale meets the same standard of quality and craftsmanship that customers expect from us.

Because we want the individual look and style of the wood to shine through in the final product, the pattern or design of the chopping board will change from one to another. We encourage our customers to send us a message to clarify with our friendly and experienced craftsman.

So if you’re after more information on our chopping boards, or any of the other products we offer, simply drop us a line today. We also offer postage Australia-wide.