Custom Wood Furniture

 Make a statement in your home with custom wood furniture courtesy of the experienced craftsmen at HomerMade.

 We know that customers are fed up with the only options for furniture being original pieces with a hefty price tag, or mass-produced items that are manufactured using low-quality materials that fall apart after just a few years.

 That’s why we use the very best new and recycled timber we can get our hands on to create individual and durable pieces of furniture that will take pride of place in your home. Contact us today to learn more about what we can craft for you.


Gorgeous Handmade Wooden Furniture

Here at HomerMade we are passionate about quality furniture, and don’t believe you have to pay an arm and a leg to bring your own personal style and interior design tastes to life at home.

That is why we create handmade wooden furniture, designed and crafted according to the specifications of our customers. We use materials such as recycled Messmate, Victorian Ash, and Merbau, with our customers having the final say on the style, size, design, and finish of the piece.

So if you’re tired of paying to replace the same side table every other year, why not invest in a quality piece from HomerMade?


Custom Wooden Furniture That Will Last a Lifetime

A family owned and operated business, here at HomerMade we understand the value of delivering a personal and direct service to all customers.

We work with them to create custom wooden furniture or home accessories that will allow them to make any space their own, as well as impress their friends and family. At HomerMade we can create everything from bench seats, charcuterie boards and crate coffee tables, to kitchen organisers, chopping boards, side tables, and raised garden beds. Not to mention our in-demand pallet gardens, and range of wooden trays and trunks.

Contact us today to find that perfect new piece for your home.


The Name to Trust for Top-Quality Handmade Wooden Furniture

When customers purchase a piece of furniture from HomerMade they can be confident that they are making an investment in expert craftsmanship and lasting quality, and will be able to enjoy a gorgeous new addition to their home that will stand the test of time.

Because we use recycled wood the grain and look of your individual piece might differ slightly to the photos shown here, so it’s always a good idea to check in with us to see exactly what materials we have available and to ensure you can pick out the right piece to suit your style.

So when it comes to lovingly crafted handmade wooden furniture, make sure you contact HomerMade.