March 16, 2020

HomerMade Woodworking are proud to announce a partnership with the iconic Australian brand, Elwood Workwear. HomerMade prides itself on creating valuable and engaging content across several social media platforms, and now we do this dressed in stylish and comfortable workwear.

Elwood fashion was born in 1996 as a popular streetwear t-shirt label. The brand slowly grew over the following years becoming well known for both quality and durability, a staple in the wardrobe of many Australians. In 2016 Elwood workwear was born, having identified that many of the Elwood customers were tradies or engaged in trade based work.

The range was slowly and carefully designed with extensive research and development from local trades-men and women, to ensure that the workwear collection filled a gap in the market and created something unique. Ensuring the range was suitable for the worksite, as well as good looking and presentable enough for after work social situations was a key focus.

We pride ourselves on being one the first brands to achieve a concise Men’s and Women’s collection from initial launch and are inclusive of all professions and trades. Always innovating and creating new products for the new age tradies. Our success has come from being able to create products that solve problems on the worksite, helping you perform better.

Do yourself and your team a favour and check out the latest range from Elwood Workwear in action at HomerMade Woodworking on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.


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